Terttis garden is full of suprises! You can find kitchen treasures from herbgarden and vegetablegarden. Inside old stonewalls is secret garden with three different rooms. You can also enjoy old garden with a style of year 1890. Best time to visit manor gardens is from june to sebtember. Garden tours take about one hour and you can book yourself a personal guide with price 5€/person. Minimum charge 150€/english guide/one hour. Bookings advance.

The Garden of secrets is Tertti’s must-see destination for everyone who likes gardening or has an eye for beautiful things. The garden is located a bit further away from the manor, covered by hops and almost hidden from the guests of the main building. But when you find your way there, stop by at the gardener’s hut and take a look of the beautifully decorated benches in the stone room of cowshed’s ruins. You can also find rose and grass room gardens from there.

There is also another garden, located behind the Dairy Café. From there you can find a square garden which is dedicated to herbs, as well as root vegetable crops planted by color. Apple, bullace and plum trees give their own input to the landscape.

The grain and vegetables that are served at our restaurant are grown at our own premises. Furthermore, you can also find garden’s produces from our shops – Rose petal soap and rose cream are popular gifts and believe it or not, they are made of rainwater!

If you are visiting us in the spring you will be able to see the cherry trees at their best. Under the trees hundreds of white daffodils are competing of attention with thousands of cherry blossoms.

From Tertti arboretum you will find almost a hundred different wood species and three ponds with a small brook running through them. Several famous people have planted their own tree to our arboretum, for example ballet dancer Vladimir Malakhov and conductor Valeri Gergijev.

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